FFVII Remake: No.

You might have visited PlayStation Lifestyle recently as they’re on something of a roll with their insider information. On Tuesday they posted that they’d have “some exclusive Final Fantasy info coming up very soon” that they “strictly can’t talk about … right now.” Needless to say: lots of hits for the site with an instant fanbase of eager Final Fantasy fans F5’ing their homepage every 2 minutes.  We were excited.

Then later that day they post the exclusive info: “Final Fantasy VII may be getting a spin-off version of the classic game from the massive franchise and it will be exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3.” Sounds fair enough, right – this could be massive. But the story originally said: “Final Fantasy VII will be getting a “new” version of the classic game from the massive franchise and it will be exclusive (for now at least) to the PLAYSTATION 3.” He also claims that “the original FF7 … will be coming to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade by the end of the year.” Sadly, this was removed when they realised certain rights issues would make an Xbox port impossible.

So a remake, right? When it’s enough to make Eurogamer contact Square Enix, it’s enough to make PlayStation Lifestyle post again: “I wasn’t aware that this FFVII article was going to be posted on our site. I am not 100% confident that this information is true. I have received conflicting information that there will NOT be a FFVII remake coming out but rather there is a possibility of another FFVII spin off, or possibly a sequel, but again I stress, its NOT a remake.”

So, it’s not a remake then? The site claims “We have not been wrong yet, and I will not tolerate false information on PSLS” which goes some way to attempting to rectify the situation and we applaud what they’re trying to do, but we seem to remember their “Resident Evil 5 will see earlier release on 360” claims. We don’t doubt that there’s something big coming for PS3 owners out of Square Enix, but this story appears to be spinning out of control and we’d like to see some confirmation soon.

Guys, take a leaf out of our book: just relax.