NHL 2K9 – Lace ’em up!

2K9 sounds like Doctor Who’s robotic canine chum has got a sibling, but no it’s the moniker for the latest iterations to our favourite sports games.  NHL 2K9 is on its way – scheduled for release on September 9th – and apparently there’s a FREE demo available on the PSN.  Not sure why they saw fit to label it FREE, perhaps to differentiate it from all the other PSN demos that cost £FREE.

Anyway, the hockey genre has played host to some of the greatest video games in years gone by, but sadly the pursuit of ever more realistic graphics has come at the expense of the gameplay.  NHL 2K9 is supposedly addressing this with its revamped, more user-friendly controls.  To us, that sounds like Mana from Heaven.  Less impressive is the promised “playoff beards”.  I’m not kidding, have they not got anything better to work on?  I’m more serious than I am about not having a US PSN account – that serious.


Visit http://www.2ksports.com/games/nhl2k9 for loads more info.  And if the new controls bring a much needed flow back to the hockey genre, we might see you online soon for a dust-up along the boards.