Far Cry 2: Collector Edition

Special Editions, Collectors’ Editions, Gullible Gamer Rip-Off Editions: Brilliant, eh?  Aye, well maybe.  Ubisoft has prepared their own for the upcoming Far Cry 2.  The game is scheduled for release on October 24th, and the Far Cry 2 Collectors’ Edition will include:

An exclusive wooden box.  EXCLUSIVE!
The game.  Clearly only the second most important part of the deal.
A limited edition Far Cry 2 t-shirt.  Presumably everything else is unlimited.
A Far Cry 2 art book.  Colour-by-numbers, we hope.
A 50km² map.  Be useful if we could specify what of, I’m off on holiday soon.
Making-of DVD.  There’s nothing funny to say about that.  Nothing.


John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director, spoke words thus:

“Far Cry® 2 is an amazing journey that will take you to the darkest places of Africa where each player will choose how they play. This will provide gamers with an unprecedented experience in the FPS genre.”

Presumably most people will choose to play by shooting stuff.

Can you imagine being a Marketing Director for EMEA, and specifically the Middle East?  I mean, short of Western governments hell-bent on securing oil reserves by ‘liberating’ foreign countries, who the hell else are you marketing to?

Anyway, October 24th, Far Cry 2, Collectors’ Edition.  Sorted.