R2 Infecting R:R

Over at TGS, Sony has announced interoperability between Resistance 2 on the PS3 and Resistance: Retribution on the PSP.

The interoperability takes the form of extra features and gameplay and brings with it a new level of interaction between the two machines.  Basically, plug your PSP in to the PS3 via USB, go to the option menu on R2 and select ‘Infect your PSP’.  Infected mode on the the PSP gives unlockable characters, and a story mode taking place in an alternative history.


Sony also took the opportunity to announce a new feature called PSP Plus, first mentioned a while ago. This enables you to again plug your PSP into the PS3, and use your PS3 controller to play the PSP game. Dual Shock vibration is supported and this works with the PSP Slim and the new 3000, for full details including some nifty diagrams have a look on the US Blog.