Sony’s TGS Conference

You didn’t miss much.  Despite massive hype and all the 11 unannounced games stuff, it was a dull and dry conference.  Firstly, Hirai talked about the PSP and the quality of the handheld and the quality of recent PSN titles, then the news of the new 80GB DS3 silver/black/white consoles for Japan, plus GT5P and LBP bundles that we already covered.

Then news that the PSP will get it’s own direct connection to the PS Store (so no more PC-PSP transfers needed) which will start next week (on the 15th) and news that full PSP disk-based games will be available to download directly from the store to your PSP.  Further confirmation on the use of the PS3 for adhoc internet play on your PSP which we mentioned a while back, which starts on the 30th, with Monster Hunter 2G the only game compatible at launch.


Home next, with the announcement of major third party support, and then finally news that the open beta will definitely start this year.

And that’s that.