NovaStrike For Free

To co-incide with our exclusive news on Monday, we’re offering our loyal readers tomorrow’s key PSN release: the Trophied up NovaStrike, without you having to spend a single penny.

We’ve got three NovaStrike codes to give away: the first three people to drop us an email now with your registered TheSixthAxis username at [email protected] get the codes, which we’ll then email out tomorrow morning at 9am.

The codes are all gone, winners in 2 minutes, stop emailing!

Once you’ve got your code, stick it in your ‘Transaction Management’ screen on your PS3 and you can download the game there and then – for free, and before everybody else in Europe (except us, naturally).

Good luck, but if you don’t get a code, remember NovaStrike will be available for all later tomorrow when Sony update the European PSN Store, for a cent under eight euros, and comes complete as the new, updated version with Trophies and XMB music support as standard.

Note that we’ll print the winners in this post once we’ve given away all the codes, which will probably be quite quick, so make sure you include your registered username on TheSixthAxis in your email or you won’t get a code and won’t be eligible for another go.  We will check the usernames against the email addresses we hold on the site, but we won’t print your email address, and we don’t want to know your PSN ID, either, thanks.  European PSN account holders only.  No TSA staff writers may apply, sorry.


Mike, Stu and 4chords were the first three to email in.  Your codes will be with you at 9am tomorrow.  Enjoy.