OPSM: Issue 25 News

I just thought I’d give you guys a heads up on what you can expect in this month’s issue of OPSM if you haven’t already picked it up.

Amongst many other features are previews of ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’, ‘Need for Speed: Undercover’, ‘Skate 2’, ‘Prince of Persia’ and the PS3 exclusive rival for Final Fantasy XIII, ‘White Knight Chronicles’. There’s also a roundup of TGS, info about how to vote for Game of the Year ’08, an interview with Infinity Ward boss, Vince Zampella on what they’re up to now, and interestingly, a separate mini guide for Midnight Club Los Angeles by gamesradar.com.


Being such an incredible next couple of months for games, there are literally dozens of reviews in this month’s issue, but highlights include ‘Resistance 2’ (the cover story), ‘Mirror’s Edge’, ‘Tomb Raider: Underworld’, ‘MotorStorm: Pacific Rift’, ‘Far Cry 2’, ‘Midnight Club: Los Angeles’, ‘Dead Space’,’ Tom Clancy’s EndWar’, ‘Valkyria Chronicles’, ‘Silent Hill: Homecoming’, ‘BioShock’ (which they loved) and ‘Saints Row 2’ (which they didn’t). For alternative reviews on several of these games, see our own reviews section of the site, but here’s the full list:

Baja Edge of Control: 2/10
Bioshock: 10/10
Blitz The League 2: 6/10
Dead Space: 8/10
Disgaea 3: 8/10
Far Cry 2: 9/10
Lego Batman: 7/10
Megaman 9: 5/10
Midnight Club LA: 9/10
Mirror’s Edge: 9/10
Motorstorm PR: 8/10
NBA 2K9: 8/10
NFL Coach 09: 7/10
Resistance 2: 9/10
Saints Row 2: 5/10
Silent Hill HC: 7/10
Tom Clancy’s Endwar: 8/10
Tomb Raider Underworld: 8/10
Valkyria Chronicles: 8/10
WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009: 8/10

There are obviously far too many articles to mention here, but with so many awesome games being featured, this issue’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.