PS3 Vending Machines

News over on that Sony and Universal have teamed up to allow the purchase of BD, DVD and PS3 software via a touchscreen vending machine in the UK.

That means you can give in to your drunkenness and buy your copy of Rapala ‘s Fishing Frenzy or BD of Mamma Mia at 2:30am on your way home from a night of debauchery. Let’s face it, you’re not going to buy them sober are you?


Prepare for dozens of “merry” people getting crushed to death after starting a fight with one of these things when it gets their copy of LBP trapped against the glass and then won’t refund their £45.

This seems like a mental idea to me. Apparently it also allows you to purchase music tracks and copy them to “most” mp3 players, by which I presume they mean “most models” not most that are actually owned by real people since Apple have an 80% market share in the UK and will almost certainly not allow you to download things to your iPod without putting some funds through iTunes.


I’ve just thought of a time this could actually be a really good idea; purchasing PSN games onto a memory stick that you can then take home and install without incurring the wrath of your ISP and it’s bandwidth limits.