PS3 Sales Jump

A big thanks to GamerRiley for pointing this out in the forums. THANKS!

I thought it deserved a spot on the front page though so this is his news, not mine.


PS3Fanboy are reporting that PS3 sales in Japan have jumped by over 900% so it is now not only outselling its biggest competition, its outselling the 8-year-old console it replaced!

This is surely a reaction to the Japanese release of LittleBigPlanet and Grand Theft Auto IV (which is doing better than LBP) and will no doubt calm down a bit next month (especially as the Japanese don’t push the Christmas season like we do in the west) but still, impressive sales figures and when you consider that the new and broken PSP is still selling well despite the release of the new and hacked DSi this is all good news for Sony.

Also, with White Knight Chronicles released on Chrimbo day in Nippon there should be another spike around then.

I’d like to point out that since this is essentially someone else’s news I’ve gone to the trouble of trying to break the internet by filling this post with many amusing or at least relevent links for you to enjoy.

Now give me 5 stars that I don’t have to share with GamerRiley!