Mirror’s Edge DLC Coming

We all knew it was coming but in a press statement from EA today they said DICE were working on it as we speak and that it will be here at the start of the new year.

No word of whether this is the exclusive to PS3 DLC that Nofi mentioned way back at the start of September but I can’t see them launching some exclusive and some multi-platform, can you?


For the lazy amongst you (and at the risk of getting a copy-and-paste reputation) here’s the pertinent bit:


To keep the action coming after launch, DICE is currently developing downloadable content that will be available at the beginning of the year. More details to be announced shortly.

There, now you can look forward to that while you run up the side of skyscrapers and hide those packages from “The Man”.

I for one am pleased to see a company getting on the ball with the DLC, why it’s taking Rockstar this long to get the 360 owners their exclusive DLC  for GTA IV is beyond me. I think it should be a maximum two month wait otherwise you’ve lost interest. Of course DLC might just be another attempt to keep games out of the secondary market…