Agency Confusion Cleared Up

Massively have an interview with Hal Milton, lead designer on “The Agency” in which the rumours that it has been cancelled have been quashed (good news –  we’ll probably still see it) and announcements that it will show at some of the trade fairs in 2009 have been made (bad news – sounds like a 2010 or even later release to me).

Some pertinent quotes:


We’re good, we’re good. Everything is fine! Yay! Of course, this is one of the designers saying it – there could be a smokey cabal in the execusphere chittering away and cackling about their master plan. As far as we’ve been told, no, we have the same great support we’ve always had.


I’m not supposed to talk about any specific dates right now but I think you’re going to see some stuff at a few of those ‘small’ shows next summer, the ones they throw every year. That’ll give you guys a good indication of where we’re at.

So there you go, that’s one rumour comprehensively put to bed. Follow the link for the full interview.