Eidos Blocking Low Scores

Eidos’s UK PR firm Barrington Harvey, is apparently asking British sites to not post scores for Tomb Raider: Underworld that are lower than 8/10 until Monday.

According to VG247, a Barrington Harvey rep on the phone this afternoon said “That’s right. We’re trying to manage the review scores at the request of Eidos…  we’re trying to get the Metacritic rating to be high, and the brand manager in the US that’s handling all of Tomb Raider has asked that we just manage the scores before the game is out, really, just to ensure that we don’t put people off buying the game, basically.”

Thankfully, respectful sites have given Barrington Harvey the finger.  Eurogamer’s 7/10 score, the review of which is now live, has apparently caused “problems” over at the PR firm.  The Official Xbox 360 Magazine has also posted a 7.0 score.  This, in our opinion, is ridiculous, and we now won’t be reviewing the game at all out of general principle.