Sony Vs Microsoft

Microsoft are claiming that the combination of the 360’s price cut, exclusive games like Gears of War 2 and heavy marketing has helped the console beat the PS3 in Europe for the last month or so.  The price cut, which means you can buy a HD gaming console for just £129.99, had led to Microsoft having sold “more than double PS3’s volume since the price drop in September”.  At the same time, SCEE refuse the drop the price of the PS3, instead relying on quality exclusive games like LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 to shift units off the shelves.

“I would call out our success in the Mediterranean countries in the last few weeks as a genuine step change from where we’ve been. The investment we’ve made in the right campaigns, the right price point and content that truly appeals to those markets,” said European interactive entertainment boss Chris Lewis. “In Italy, we were double PS3’s sales last week. In France and Germany we are at or better than PS3 consistently now. We dominate in Russia and the Nordic countries and in Spain – a traditional Sony stronghold – we’re now outselling PS3. It bodes incredibly well for our Christmas prospects.”


Via MCV.