Jaffe Tells It Straight

Some people don’t get it – and thankfully here at TSA we’ve been relatively free of the “my console your console” crap that kids like to get all heated up about.  That PS3 sat under your TV?  You paid for it, but you don’t own shares in Sony and as long as EA keep making Need for Speed games every year why should you give a shit?  It’s a mentality that we hoped would die off with the Spectrum vs Commodore 64 stuff in the playgrounds 25 years ago, but sadly not.

So when David Jaffe, respected developer and big fan of Sony’s consoles said he saw God of War III last week, claiming it “looks like nothing you’ve ever played” we thought everything was going to be fine, with people ensuring they’ve got Kratos’ latest adventure firmly on their “to-buy” lists.  However, Jaffe also said, in the same blog, that he thought “GEARS 2 is the BEST f*cking playing and looking game of the year… better than any PS3 game”.  Instantly, fanboys all over the web erupted.


Early this morning Jaffe responded to some of the worst, saying “It’s a stupid f*cking console. You made a choice – or your mummy and daddy made a choice – and bought you a f*cking console to play games on. If you really waste ANY MORE energy giving a f*ck about which console is better/best/etc…it’s like: man, one day you will look back and go: How did I spent more than 5 seconds thinking about that crap?”  We’re inclined to agree.  “God of War 3 looks amazing. One of the best games I’ve ever seen. And yes, I’ve seen Crysis. It’s a totally different thing… Gears plays and looks amazing too… Live with it. Or don’t. Whatever.”

Right, back to Gears 2.  See you in Horde mode.