360 On Top, Again

Black Friday, the day when everyone in America saves their lighting bills and resort to candles, is also a big day for shopping, and Microsoft have seen fit to write a little press release about it.  “Retailers reported Xbox 360 console sales over the Black Friday weekend were … outselling the PlayStation 3 by a three-to-one ratio” says the PR, “estimating a 25 percent increase from Xbox 360 Black Friday sales figures from 2007.”

Retailers reported.  Retailers reported.  We’re well aware that the said retailers aren’t exactly reporting great sales for the PS3, but surely this could be drilled down to just one or two individual stores that happen to have the statistics that favour the Microsoft press team?  “I drove down the lane this morning and saw 3 red cars and 1 green one.  Red cars,” reported Nofi, “are outselling green cars by a three-to-one ratio”.  I should work in PR.