New Trailers Coming

Never let it be said that I will put any effort in when there is a perfect passage of writing available for cut & paste.

According to Pixl1983 on our forums:


According to Spike God Of War will rear it’s ugly head in the shape of a new trailer live at the Video Game Awards on the 14th of December.

This news comes in amongst (what I assume are) trailers for Fight Night Round 4, Brutal Legend, Terminator Salvation, Watchmen: The End is Nigh (!!!) and Mafia II.

The site is suggesting that these are all games. Some of which the title is enough to excite. No word on formats dates or otherwise but expect a flurry of info at around the same date.

So you see ladies and gentlemen, when you’re awarding stars for this post remember, it was Pixl1983’s post originally and they would be the first stars he’s ever got for a main page story. That’s all I’m saying, I just think he’d appreciate the stars…