Some News, Mostly Waffle

Oh, Happy Christmas, Atari.  Second-hand sales harming the industry?  Boo-fucking-hoo.  You’re saying that people buying games at a price they are happy with is bad, and that your solution is to…to what?  Offer extra incentive beyond the boxed product by providing stuff online?  Woo-fucking-hoo.

How about selling games at a price customers are so happy with they stop buying second-hand games?  Give that one a try.

Resistance 2 has stormed the charts, straight in at…it’s good, it really is…number…10.  Yep, Sony’s final AAA release of the year has just about limped into tenth spot, and has reportedly sold well under the figures posted by the original.  Of course, that could partly be attributed to the previously reported stock problems.  Or is Resistance 2 just not all that?

On an even more sobering note, I went to the shop at the foot of TSA Towers and on arrival realised I was out of cash.  I did have some plastic with me, but quickly remembered that the shop was backwards and therefore only allowed plastic payment if spending more than £5.  I concocted a brilliant plan, hampered only by my lack of mathematical skill.  The plan was this: buy stuff to the value of about £4.45, get to the till, be refused card payment and therefore be forced to top up my bill with bars of chocolate.

It was a wonderful plan.  Right up to the point that I had to start adding up; then it all went pear-shaped.  When I got to the till, gleefully unaware of my plummeting intellect, I was greeted with, “That’s £5.14, please – card payment is it?”

I was more gutted than the time I realised I’d paid good money for FIFA Street.  I was so taken aback that my calculations were off, I was unable to do anything other than pay and skulk back to TSA Towers.  And now I have no chocolate.

So, the moral of this post is that Atari is talking through its arse, Resistance 2 is awesome and not selling as well as I thought it would, and buying Dr Pepper is not without risk: What’s the worst that could happen?  You could become an intellectually stunted freak and end up without chocolate.


Apologies to Nofi – I started off with good intentions, it just all went a bit lergy.