Homeward Bound

Given my history with beta invites I was surprised when the Home icon finally appeared on my XMB.  A few false starts later and I figured it was just a cruel Sony tricky at my expense.  So, I gave up and watched some more of Ugly Betty Season 2.

Once I’d had my fill of the girl with the best braces in showbiz, I tried Home one last time.  It worked – joy!  At long last I was in.

And pleasantly surprised.

I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly – even though I’ve seen all the screens and heard all the negative feedback – but once the smart and efficient tutorial was over and I stepped into my apartment I was taken with how lovely it looked.  The view from the balcony was so good I almost booked a trip to the south of France, but then I remembered le Crunch and ate an Advent Calendar chocolate instead.  Which leads me to my joke:

What’s the best value chocolate in the current financial climate?
A Credit Crunchie.

So, back to Home and exploring the Square and Theatre.  Brilliantly, Home lets you background download the data required for these areas, so you can play about in your apartment while you wait.  Once downloaded you can use the World Map to quickly transport to any other area.

Upon arrival in the Square I checked out some of the big screens showing various videos.  Call me a noob, but I was very impressed with the concept and the execution.  The Theatre was even better, with some cool stuff on show.

Heading back outside again I tried to find some friends and who should I bump into but one of TSA’s oldest friends, Borten.  Our friend up in the North was there on the very first Warhawk night and we love him.  Although once I’d seen his avatar’s dodgy ‘tache I did start to have my doubts!  It was cool to ‘meet’ him and have a little chat though and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you in the future.

So, a brief moment in Home and perhaps because of the newness I came away with a very positive feeling.  Is it really the PlayStation’s Next Big Thing?  I don’t know, but the potential to create a lively, social gaming scene far removed from bland Friends Lists is there – but is it the interface we all want? 

Let us know what you think, people!