Zeroes and Ones

Zeroes and ones.  Whatever you think of Sony, whatever you think of the PS3, whatever you think of TheSixthAxis, it’s all just zeroes and ones.  The big black hulk sat next to my television cost me £425: I queued at midnight with the rest of you, I got the police escort to the taxi, I was up for hours that night – for what?  It’s just a games machine.  It plays games, like the other consoles.  And this website?  It talks about games, like the other websites.

I’ve said it before, but seemingly it needs repeating: TheSixthAxis is a bunch of gamers talking about games.  At times, we’ll be overjoyed with what the PS3 provides and we’ll wax lyrical about the delights of Blu-ray, the latest exclusives and the potential for masses of fun in the future.  But at times we won’t be, and we’ve got just as much right as anyone to express that on the site: if you want to read 100% positive PS3 news, stick to ThreeSpeech.  If you want to read what we’re thinking about, stick with us.


We’re not paid by Sony to push overwhelmingly pro-Sony news down your throat, we do this as something we enjoy doing.  If Sony do something to annoy us, like screw up the launch of Home, we’ll be thinking about it, so we’ll write about it.  If Sony lose FFXIII exclusivity, we’ll write about it.  If Sony refuse to drop the price of the PS3 so Joe Gamer can afford it and thus start to reverse the sickening sales trends we’re seeing just now, we’ll write about it.

TheSixthAxis is an independent site, tied to absolutely nobody, and the truth is that the PS3 is suffering right now.  The 360 is outselling it by some margin, the price is still too high, and in our opinion Sony are screwing up major releases.  In twelve months time when the PS3 is the only HD console on the market we’ll look back on this and laugh, but we’re writing about now, so deal with it – this is no place for fanboys.  After all, it’s just zeroes and ones.