GH: Metallica Coming

Metallica have splurged all over USA Today. Guitar Hero: Metallica really has been a poorly kept secret but I think this is the first real information about it that has been disclosed. I’m not a fan of the games or the band so I’ve not been watching too closely but I think it might even be the first time it’s actually been confirmed by either party.

So, if you’re a fan of the Guitar Hero games and you’re a fan of the poor man’s Megadeth then get yourself over to the article and read it in all its splendour.


They do say it will be more difficult and that it will not be a chronological progression as Metallica, rather you will play the part of some obsessive tribute band that follows them around or something. Anyway, I suppose that if you’re interested you’ll read the article, if you’re not interested there isn’t much I can say here to get you to care so I’ll just stop trying…