PSP 3000 Outdated!

Tired of your shiny new PSP 3000 already?

You might not have to wait too long for the PSP 4000. There are currently no details on the new model but ‘publishing sources’ have told Eurogamer that it should debut late 2009.

There is also further rumours that a true successor to the PSP (the PSP2?) is planned, and that developers are currently working on games for it.

These rumours come as SCEE president David Reeves last week denied there are any plans for a PSP2.

Personally I understand that rumours and leaks add to hype, and that hype sells, but I’d much rather Sony stand up at a gaming convention/trade fair and have new news and not be just confirming leaks that have been talked about for the previous 12 months.

Microsoft seem to be the masters of announcments at these shows and everyone leaves thinking their boring several hour long seminar was good because of 30 seconds of new news at the end.

If these rumours turn out to be true, will Sony ever learn?

Rumours and opinion in the same article? you must be at TSA.