Violent Games, Ahhh!

Leading American anti-game lobbyist and general idiot Kym Worthy has updated her list of the top ten violent games. I thought it would probably serve as a print out and distribute christmas list for a lot of you so I’ve reproduced the list, along with her reasons for including each of the games.

Just some background first though. You can read her Wikipedia article for a biog, I’ll just point out that she’s a Republican, that’s the same party as George W. Bush who took America to war in Iraq. The same Republicans are responsible for the joke of a news outlet that is Fox News.

A couple of years ago I saw a report on Fox News about how well the war was going. They broadcast, at 7pm, video images of dead Iraqis. Not little collections of pixels that had been coloured to resemble what someone thinks a dead body might look like. Corpses. With flies buzzing around them and bits missing and cheerful Sons of America piling up their stuff to be taken away and destroyed. What is more desensitising to see, CGI or actual real dead bodies surrounded by happy heroes?

Here’s the list:

Don’t read all the way down unless you want the ending of Silent Hill: Homecoming to be ruined for you.

  • “Blitz the League II” – Players can target which part of their opponent they wish to demolish. Steroid and drug use is encouraged and wins are celebrated with hookers in a hotel room.
  • Dead Space” – Players must destroy scary creatures; if the creature catches you, it won’t just kill you. It will dismantle your limbs and decapitate you.
  • “Fallout 3” – Survivors in a post-nuclear world must kill whatever is in their way including giant insects, raiders and super mutants
  • “Far Cry 2” – The mission in this game is to kill The Jackal, an arms dealer supplying both sides of a conflict. Blowing off people’s heads is a regular occurrence.
  • “Gears of War 2” – This game’s main weapon is the Lancer assault rifle which combines a rifle with a chain saw.
  • “Left 4 Dead” – The player is in a city where a new rabies virus is quickly spreading. Victims become disfigured and launch vicious attacks on the uninfected.
  • “Legendary” – A thief breaks into a New York museum and breaks into Pandora’s Box unleashing all the world’s evil beasts who destroy all humans.
  • “Resistance 2” – Continues the original “Resistance” game but this version is set in the United States instead of Europe. The Chimera alien race kills civilians by the thousands.
  • “Saints Row 2” – The second edition of a gang-affiliated series. The game has expanded with new vehicles to steal. The player can choose to beat up strippers, slit rival gang members’ throats or shoot cops.
  • “Silent Hill: Homecoming” – At the end of this game, the player is forced to choose between shooting his mother in the head or let a torture device rip her in half.