Why So Serious?

There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom around at the moment when people talk about the PS3. They point to the low US sales of LBP and the PS3 console as world ending problems. Aren’t we all getting away from what actually matters? THE GAMES!

Spreadsheets and sales figures are for the business people to worry about. I’m not trying to say low PS3 console sales are a good thing but there are so many factors to take into account.  Xbox 360 has achieved fantastic sales in the US along with strong software sales and continual income from Xbox live and its products, but let us not forget despite a few months of good sales the Xbox still does nothing in Japan (also across a lot of Europe the Xbox still doesn’t sell particularly well). Not only that, reports say Microsoft have had to spend almost a billion dollars on RROD repairs. The PS3 console has still sold almost 20m world wide, helped Sony win a potentially lucrative format war and not only that the PS2 and PSP are still bringing money into their coffers. I wouldn’t for a second try and pretend the Playstation brand has made Sony more money than the 360 has for Microsoft this generation, but my point is none of us really know how much either of them makes, where they make most of it, how much a unit costs, how much they expect to make or where they spend their cash etc etc. All of those questions are for the business directors and accountants to worry about and they don’t affect my enjoyment or ability to buy games.

A slow start and poor 3rd party communication from Sony left us with shoddy 360 ports of multi platform games. These days Sony’s third party support has greatly improved and develepors seem to be learning how to use the PS3’s complex architecture . This year every major release has come out practically day and date with the 360 version and been just as good (with the exception of Fallout 3 and Alone in the dark, which actually was a blessing in disguise!). Exclusives like MGS4 and LBP have delivered and I have purchased over a game a month little and large that have given me hours of entertainment. (The fact my PS3 doesn’t break every five seconds like my Xbox means I can actually play them when I want as well!)

Last year PS3 owners moaned, “Where’s in game XMB?”, “Where is Home?”, “Why do games on 360 run better”, this year they were given all of those things yet people are still moaning “Wah! FF13 isn’t exclusive any more!”, “The PS3 is too expensive!”, “Microsoft sells more units!”, I am beginning to think the PS3 owner will never be happy.

What I really want to drive home is that perhaps people need to stop looking at things that don’t affect them as much as they like to think they do. Games not being exclusive does not mean you wont play them. 360 selling better than PS3 does not mean games will stop being multi-platform. Sony sitting in third place does not mean games aren’t fun to play on the PS3. Home not being the best thing of all time does not mean you have to use it or that it won’t get better. Despite poor sales Sony is still pumping money into the likes of Killzone, God of War, Heavy Rain and Uncharted etc. Isn’t that all we really need to care about? We buy games consoles to play games on and as long as those games are high in quality and high in quantity then we should be having good time. Instead of moaning, complaining and feeling sorry for yourself why not go and do what you bought the bloody system for… go play a game.