Super-Dupercar Challenge

Supercar Challege has been announced by System3 as a sequel to this years Trophy-laden Ferrari Challenge (Trofeo Pirelli, to give it it’s full title)

The Ferrari line up has evolved to include over 40 cars including the McLaren F1, DB9, Lamborghini Murcielago RGT and the Bugatti Veyron racing around more than 20 tracks including our very own Silverstone.


The original game has received mixed & average critic reviews on Metacritic, but is faring rather better in fan reviews, and can be picked up for the bargain price of £17.99 online.

The sequel however features “three difficulty settings (Assist, Arcade and Simulation), a tweaked career mode, a retooled A.I. improved graphics and better sound effects”

Whilst we are waiting for Supercar Challenge’s  Spring release, we can feast our eyes on this (rather nice) Volkswagon


Thanks to Hodgi92 in our forums for the tip off way back last week sometime, but under the shear weight of posts in the forums (mainly his own) I missed it.