Supercar Challenge Patch Is Out

The massive list of fixes for Supercar Challenge is now available as a 35MB patch. If you’ve not yet played the superb racing sim, check out our 9/10 review which should hopefully get you in the mood for some hardcore track action – and those of you that won our competition should now have received the game in the post.  Here’s the list of fixes included in the patch:

– The starting point of the 430 Scuderia in the Invitational race has been moved which means the car now behaves properly at the beginning of the race.
– Each Invitational race now uses a scripted difficulty value rather then a dynamic one which makes it more progressive.
– Incorrect configuration of the Thrustmaster 3-in-1 wheel when using either manual or semi-automatic gears.
– Livery disappearing if applied to a newly purchased car without leaving the showroom.
– Loading more than one saved livery without leaving the showroom caused the livery to become corrupt.
– Price of the F50 GT corrected to 140K
– Increased the maximum allowed scale on some vinyl groups.
– 512m renders correctly.
– Gear indicator freezing on the interior view.
– Racing line changing in an Invitational race when the TC setting was adjusted.
– Speedo being frozen sometimes.
– Stage 1 Objective, “Finish a lap in 5th place or above without losing position”.
– Stage 5 Invitational, 550GT Challenge start point amended.
– Trophies where damage on the results screen is shown as zero and not awarded.
– Shopaholic trophy.
– Mont Tremblant turn 8 leaves moved.
– Unable to mute players sometimes.
– On-line wins, podiums and races played stats sometimes don’t update.
– Cursor going out of sync in the lobby and unable to view player stats / view incorrect player stats.
– Added extra penalty zones to Silverstone Southern.
– Race invites in French and Spanish.
– A.I. bunching in to corners.
– Improved A.I. braking on the straights when near other cars.
– A.I. driving off the track in random places.
– General difficulty of the A.I. re-balanced.
– Up and Coming and the Bound for Glory trophy Italian translations.