Skywalker Busting Out

Are my headlines too cryptic?

Luke Skywalker, sorry, Mark Hamill has signed up to voice the Joker in the new Batman game which is scheduled for release in summer 2009. Kevin Conroy has also signed on as the voice of the Dark Knight himself so the new game seems like it will have a decidedly “Animated Series” feel to it with Paul Dini writing too.


Batman: Arkham Asylum has as much potential as anything with Batman in it to be awesome and the inclusion of Conroy and Hamill will ensure the best possible voice acting for the game. Apparently the plot revolves around a break out at Arkham and will presumably be closely matched to the Arkham Asylum Graphic Novel by Dave McKean and (I think) Grant Morrison. Expect a slightly darker and less camp Batman than you might be used to.

I am looking forward to this with some cautious optimism for two reasons: I love Batman and I really liked the Arkham Asylum book.