Friday Musings

Ah, Friday.  Relaxing thoughts of the weekend start to cloud your vision, the lure of the long, liquid lunch is proving hard to resist, and post-pub SingStar song selection becomes the most important thing on your mind.

Nofi will soon be making the Friday lunch run, where he’ll stop off for bevvies at a local watering hole, before returning with his afternoon tipple, a bottle of Tequila, and some Natural Spring Water for me.  He’ll leave early doors for a proper pub ’em up, before heading home for a blast on SingStar while he’s still not comatose.

Naturally, I’ll cradle my bottle of water as I stay behind at TSA Towers looking after the hardware, feeding the pets, and nipping down to the dungeon to torture* anyone stupid enough to have been caught by our “string n sponge” security system this week.

Usually at these lonely times I fire up the PS3 and try to get a bit of online action going on Warhawk, and then grow bored after five or ten minutes because there’s only so many times you can look at the respawn counter before getting the message.

However, at this time of year there are other distractions.  There’s the tree for a start.  And the gorgeously wrapped gifts contained beneath its pine canopy, wrapped as beautifully as only a skilled graphic designer can manage.  Form over function though, as ever, so I sneak a peek and re-wrap and no one is any the wiser.

Awful presents, mind.

There are various near-empty tins containing the chocolates no one really likes.  Except I like them and hoover them quicker than a dog thrown a meaty treat.  And that leads to another game, whereby I play a modified form of basketball with the scrumpled wrappers and empty tin, usually culminating in me winning my third straight NBA title playing as Sir Michael of Jordan, King of the World; I am the air apparent after all.

It is all just a distraction though, just things to do to stop me from thinking about Home.  Everyone is thinking about it now: The lovers, the haters, and the in-betweeners.  Is it good or bad, and can I not have a Christmas Tree in my apartment please?  Last time I was allowed into Home without some Star Wars-based error message intervening, I thought I’d decorate the clubhouse a bit.  Some new furniture, maybe a picture or two.  Bah.  What’s the point?  There’s nothing really available to buy, and so I can’t make it the shrine to TSA’s greatness that it deserves to be.  New Year’s Resolution, Sony: Make Home good?

So, on this last Friday before the big day, there’s not much else to think about while the hardware purrs and I try to get my stuffed toy Husky to play fetch.  Oh, except the new competition we’ve got coming, and the TSA Awards 2008, and the…well, I can’t let that slip yet.

* I make them play Blinx on an old Xbox.