Developing The Future

A Microsoft published report, Developing the Future, has (surprisingly) confirmed that the UK’s tax situation is far from ideal for games developers, while also agreeing with Tiga that not enough pupils are studying videogame-friendly subjects.

Tiga’s CEO, Richard Wilson, had lots to say and here it is:


“This new report confirms that the UK’s tax system is becoming increasingly uncompetitive in comparison to the tax systems in other countries. This is detrimental to the interests of the UK software industry in general and to the games development sector in particular. The UK games industry would benefit from a tax break for games production and from a reduction in the tax burden on business. In the absence of such tax measures, the sector will not fulfil its potential.

The report also echoes Tiga’s deep concerns about the education system. The video games development sector needs more well qualified and competent graduates in computer science, mathematics and physics. We also need first class artists and animators. Yet the industry faces skills shortages, particularly in job areas such as computer programming, art and animation.

In the run up to the March Budget, Tiga will continue to make representations to HM Treasury for the case for a more favourable tax regime for UK business as a whole and for games developers specifically. We will also continue to advance our positive agenda for improving education and skills for the benefit of developers, higher education and students.”

So, incentivise game development by making big-wigs in the industry richer.  Oh, and get more students to learn the necessary skills so we can employ them for next-to-nothing thus increasing our bottom line.

Can’t fault it, really.