Slow News Day

Perhaps it’s just the pre-Christmas slow down but, as pointed out in our forums by theshockwave, it has been a slow news day.

There really is nothing going on. Honestly, we’re not keeping things from you. I’ve spent all day trying to get shot of my cold, Michael is busy with an upcoming article that will be fantastically entertaining, CC_Star has been working all sorts of crazy hours keeping the industry afloat by himself and Nofi is probably drunk and throwing review disks at pigeons from the top of TSA Towers. Our other writers have probably written hundreds of brilliantly funny and informative articles but decided not to publish them because they’re sick of getting their grammar criticised.

I have just a couple of small pieces of news that may or may not interest you:

Apparently the ERSB has rated a few old classic Sega titles that IGN reckons will be coming to the PSN (and XBLA, if you cared) but might just be for the upcoming megadrive classics collection. Also, Take Two have said it cost them $11million fending off the advances of EA earlier in ther year but that was negative economy-based news that nobody really wants to hear two sleeps before Christmas.

Now you see why they didn’t get proper posts for themselves? They’re rubbish stories.

If it makes you feel any better, I feel a bit guilty when I can’t find anything to write about for you. I’ll make it my New Year’s Resolution to be more entertaining, more often for your totally free entertainment. Where else could you get value like that?

Oh, and a personal note for theshockwave: My rabbit’s diet is of no concern to me anymore. I sold him to Huntingdon Life Sciences just before everything turned sour for them