Making of Dead Space

Hopefully Santa was kind enough to realise that if you don’t already own Dead Space he would make sure he left a copy for you, during his breaking and entering attempt on your house on Christmas Eve.

Several years ago some bright sparks at EA decided to step out from the organisation’s shadow of annual franchise’s and create something new, earlier this year this acorn of an idea was released in the form of Dead Space to much critical acclaim.


C&VG have been lucky enough to talk to Chuck Beaver (real name) about the story behind the great game, and EA’s giant leap into the unknown. In the article he talks about how the game is just a small part of the story which also involves the movie ‘Dead Space: Downfall’ and the animated comics (or cartoons as I remember them being called) and even though they are prequels to the game, they are reportedly best left until after you’ve played the game before watching them.

Interestingly he also talks about some of the things which never made it in to the final cut, which along with a few bosses, flying necromorphs and the wise desicion to turn ‘stasis’ into a limited commodity,was a pulse weapon which gave you the ability to propel yourself around and even stop in mid-air.

Check out the full article here, or if you don’t own Dead Space yet have a look at the rather nifty flash experience No Known Survivors, me? I’m off to bed because the alcohol is wearing off and I have to do it all over again tomorrow, but this time without the presents.