Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that’s ever posted a comment, or wrote a forum post, or even logged onto the site just to read the news.  Through hard work, sheer determination and the efforts of everyone involved on the site we’ve managed to achieve pretty much everything we wanted to this year.

TSA, from humble beginnings, is slowly becoming a trusted, respected site, regularly featured on both ThreeSpeech and the US Blog, the Official PS Magazine and on several ‘big’ sites like Eurogamer.  We also have frequent readers from both the publishers and developers of the games you guys all love to talk about so much – I just wish I could say which… ;)

So, from Michael and myself, thank you.  Without you guys, we’d still be talking to ourselves.  Stay tuned, and happy new year!

Right, off for a tequila.