All Eyes On Stringer

Times Online is reporting that Sony’s long overdue corporate restructuring is likely to happen this month, after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Whilst every man and his Aibo are desperate to see what Sir Howard Stringer can do with the company, it appears he is still hamstrung by the board over in Japan.  Times Online say that Sony faces long years of multibillion-dollar losses unless Sir Howard is given free rein to take on the company’s old guard and erase many of its legacies.

Sony has already hinted at the possibility of changes to its current business model in the statement last month which focused chiefly on short-term cost cutting and job losses of about 16,000 permanent and temporary staff, although it’s not clear on which areas of Sony the axe will fall.  Clearly, if Sony are to get back into the game and start making some money, it’s now Sir Howard’s chance to shine and concentrate on the things that do make money: software and content.  And also, get rid of the shitty PS3 adverts.  Thanks.