EA Has Just Set The Bar In Home

My my EA, how you have impressed. Having read the comments on the news that EA will soon be bringing a EA SPORTS complex to Home, it seems many of you are at least intrigued, myself included. Now though, they have my full attention. A video of EA Senior Producer Robert Burnett showing off the complex has appeared on the PlayStation Blog, which shows off the entire space, including three mini-games. 

Home users will be able to play poker, race go-karts against one another and even participate in a golfing mini-game. Now these are pretty simple you say, well yes, yes they are. How about a ‘light progression system’ though? Perhaps the ability to earn winnings that you can spend to upgrade your go-carts or progress to more advanced poker tables? EA, I am a little bit impressed. They are bringing leaderboards (the absence of which from the Red Bull space has bemused many), up-to 8-player go-karting, multiple poker tables with varying difficulty, winnings to be spent within the complex on wearable prizes and stuff for you Home apartment. This is the sort of thing we want in Home, something we want to go to and spend time in, more than once.


Even if you’re not a sports fan, you will probably find something in there to be entertained with when the space launches around March.