New Version of SCM

Perforce Software has released version 2008.2 of its Software Configuration Management (SCM) system.  This version features enhancements that will improve developer productivity and facilitate system admin.

Let’s get some specifics here!


Developers will now be able to graphically preview the effects of integrating changes between development branches.  A new rollback feature has been added, and the history of the rollback and the correction are kept for later review.  Also, Perforce client software can now auto-scan to identify all available Perforce servers on the network.

On the admin side there are new dashboard widgets that allow for more complete at-a-glance information than before.  This should help to ease the admin burden by making problems more easily identifiable.

You guys are lost, aren’t you?

SCM is basically a system for managing and versioning source code and other digital assets.  It, or products like it, are what your favourite developers use to keep all their mystic C code in some sort of workable order.

I’d best stop typing now – thanks for reading.