Pinstripes And Payouts

Well, here’s something you don’t expect to see while checking on the pre-season news for your favourite baseball team:

The world famous New York Yankees baseball team have announced that they’ve signed a deal with Sony to outfit their new stadium with Bravias and PS3s. In return Sony get some advertising space and the opportunity to be linked with the most recognisable sporting brand in the world. There will be screens in all the swanky areas of the new Yankee Stadium and PS3s and laptops dotted around the stadium for the fans to make use of which is presumably one of those gimmicky things to get the fans smiling before they watch the Yanks destroy another mediocre team from another eastern seaboard town like, say, Boston.


Not a bad idea really considering baseball is huge in the US where Sony could do with picking up some sales and it’s huge in Japan where they will receive a substantial amount of kudos for being linked with the greatest team on earth.

Baseball is also huge in my house where I will be watching it on an LG TV but I’ll record it to my PS3 using PlayTV and I’ll be wearing my Yankees jersey which I bought from the Yankees store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan last year.

You can only imagine what Sony’s pitch was like to secure this deal.

Now, I wonder if Sony would like to sponsor Leicester City?

EDIT: I just found the story on joystiq too. Hmph, I thought I’d found it first.