Back To The Forum II

It’s not all walking, and it’s not all gaming, so in this little re-cap of our extraordinary forums, we’ll take a look into the murky waters of the General Chat forum.  Yes, it’s a scary place, but it’s also a remarkable one too, what with Hodgi’s wierd thumbs and talk of puddings, but rather than throw you in at the deep end, here’s some of the more recent highlights.  Do say hi, we’re lovely.

TSA Photoshop Tennis II: the follow up to TSA Photoshop Tennis, and actually laugh-out-loud funny.  You’re catching this before we’ve had a chance to tidy up the thread and just keep the images, but it’s a bloody good read.  Who knows, maybe next time you’ll be the star.

My Girlfriend Just Made The Best Pudding Ever: sounds like food hell to me, but apparently layers of crap on top of each other is enough to get people very excited.  Be warned, there’s talk of climaxing.  Yes, but that’s what you get from the Best Pudding Ever.

Hodgi92’s Youtube Channel: starts off just fine, but ends up with everyone just quietly laughing at Hodgi’s thumb.  There’s some talk of gaming in there though, so might be worth a read.

A Topic Just For Michael: Michael’s our resident husky, and he likes nothing more than a collection of dog pictures.  No, there’s nothing sinister going on, he just likes dogs.  Likes.  Not fancies, or fondles, or feels.  Likes.

We now also have dedicated channels for Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet, the cheap videogames thread is here (and still going strong) and the rest of the forum can be reached from here.