Nothing Else Matters

As we Hit The Lights to try and Fuel the beast inside each and every one of us, telling ourselves that Nothing Else Matters except becoming the Master of Puppets; we just keep on rocking until we read the sign with the inscription, ‘Enter Sandman’. As we begin to drift off into a nightmare where we are just King Nothing, we discover that rarity of a No Leaf Clover, it’s Sad But True

Did you appreciate those Metallica puns? No? Oh well it doesn’t matter, as it appears that Guitar Hero: Metallica will be rocking off of the shelves and into our consoles this May. Activision has told Eurogamer that the spin-off Guitar Hero game will bring the entire band ensemble plus a new set of sounds for the GHTunes recording studio.


In case you relish insane difficulty from certain songs in the Guitar Hero era (see DragonForce), the immense ability of drummer and co-founder of the band, Lars Ulrich, has seen the inclusion of an Expert Plus drumming difficult and freestyle drum fill mode.

With many of Metallica’s hits in the confirmed set list, this could shape up to be an epic game in the Guitar Hero franchise.