Financial Stuff

According to MCVUK, Sony will not be reducing the headcount in SCEE. As Nofi pointed out earlier, most jobs will be lost from Sony’s domestic manufacturing plants. So that’s good news for SCEE who, as I’m sure you’ll have noticed, can ill afford to lose any staff. Just imagine how long it would take them to get things on the PSN if there were fewer monkeys in the circus.

In seperate news, for those of you who like to gloat, Microsoft‘s shares took a dive because their profits were down and they’ve announced 5,000 job cuts. They have refused to comment to MVCUK about whether their Entertainment & Devices wing will be hit or whether it will be Europeans getting culled. Which means probably a “yes” to both.

So it would seem that the Xbox selling better than the PS3 isn’t enough to insulate Microsoft against the current economic woes. Which was to be expected. Sometimes it’s tricky to remember that consoles aren’t the primary business for either of the HD platform holders and when times are tough people stop buying new TVs and they sure as hell make do with Windows XP.