Don’t Make Me Laugh

Oh dear. Did you know that if you are reading this you are almost certainly a gamer, which means that you are more likely to drink alcohol or use drugs than those non-gamers who won’t be reading this? Well, this is according to the findings published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence (via the Telegraph).

After a Friday night, I suspect several of you may be reading this with a hangover, but you are just helping to ‘prove’ that gamers are anti-socials loners. 

“The most striking part is that everything we found clustered around video game use is negative,” said Prof Laura Walker, from Brigham Young University, in Utah, who led the study. She said previous studies had only examined the issue of aggression but added: “It appears video games are related to a host of other negative outcomes.” It does make me wonder whether they actually tried to find positive outcomes.

Now the most interesting thing about this ‘study’ is the cross section of gamers that they asked. A nice variation of gamers young and old? From a variety of backgrounds? Living a diverse selection of lifestyles? No. Just a large number of students at over 800 universities. Well done. You have discovered that students drink a lot. Bravo.

Of those universities questioned, they found that students who played games regularly were 10% more likely to have a good drink or take drugs that those that don’t game. They are even said to be three times more likely to smoke cannabis, stop talking to friends and family and have lower self-esteem.

Universities are probably the second most stupid place to ask people if they drink, after the pub of course.