LBP Content Mis-advertised?


The LittleBigPlanet Valentine’s Day content that went live on the Playstation Store today was advertised yesterday on the US blog as being free.  Today they are charging £2.39 for it in the UK. That’s inflation.

Not only is this another stupid mistake by Sony, it made me look stupid because I told you all yesterday that it was going to be free.  Please, be disgusted at Sony for the mistake but understand that TSA only reported what they told us all on the blog.

Perhaps this sort of mistake could have been avoided if Sony had deemed Europe or the UK (now the second biggest games market in the world) significant enough to have their own blog?


Mark Valledor (SCEA Marketing Manager) has apologised for his error on the US blog. So it seems that the US isn’t getting it for free either. All credit to him for stepping up and saying sorry. At least SCEA don’t balls things up all that often.