Rain, Rain And Blood


I am not in a good mood. First of all I went out in the pouring rain for a meeting at my University, having then sat through a very dull meeting I proceeded back home, again in the torrential rain. Trudging in through the door, dragging puddles along behind me, I am confronted with the news that the manager of my beloved club has been sacked. Great.


To top it all off though news has arrived that the fantasy football (not soccer) video game, Blood Bowl, will not be coming to our monolithic box.

“Cyanide is a small company,” the developer explains. “We have no previous experience on that platform [and] it would have been a bit risky and expensive for us. But, we are hoping to do a PS3 version if the game is selling well.”

For those of you unaware, Blood Bowl uses a combination of both real-time and turn-based strategy elements, and is based on the board game of the same name, which was produced by Games Workshop. There are eight teams available including; Orcs, Humans, Dwarfes and Wood Elves.

Having loved the board game back in the day, I hope this sells well so that we can see a PS3 release in the near future.