H.A.W.X. Demo Details

Following on from last weeks news that a H.A.W.X. demo was coming, we have now received  more information about what we can expect from this demo.

First of all the date has now been pinned down to this Thursday 12th February, it also turns out the demo will be pretty rich on features.


Key features of the H.A.W.X demo:
+ Co-op enabled for up to 4 players – Jump in/Jump out
+ Gain experience points and unlock up to three real, licensed planes in the demo:
  – F-16A Fighting Falcon
  – SU-35 Super Flanker
  – AV-8B Harrier II

The demo will also allow players to sample both control methods featured in the game, across a couple of missions.

The full game is due for release on March 6th, and I’m sure the playability of the demo will be a big deciding factor as to whether if forces its way on to PS3 owners shopping lists, coming only a week after Killzone 2’s release.