More Stuff For Home


There has been a flurry of news regarding Home over the past week or so, first with the news of RE5 & SFIV spaces and content, news of a hefty bug fix, new spaces on the horizon, and even more developers looking to get in on the act.

If that not enough for you then and you’ve been thinking there is a distinct lack of ninjas in Home, then you’re in luck as ninja costumes will be available for download from the mall this Thursday, and if the ninja black look is your thing then there’s a contest on Friday called “I Love Ninjas” in the newly launched Gamer Lounge, where you can win SOCOM & Warhawk related vouchers, to celebrate their upcoming game spaces, not sure at this stage if this is US only or not.

What is definitely coming to our shores however, are all six PlayStation Shoot short films which will be appearing in the Home theatre presumably after Thursdays planned maintenance downtime at 8am GMT.

You may have already seen these short films on the PlayStation Store, but if not they are worth a look.

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