Games Industry Evil

Gamepolitics are running a story about a blogger with a peculiar name (Jonathan Salem Baskin) who has likened the Gaming lobby to the gun lobby or tobacco lobby of yesteryear.

All this because they challenged a Californian court’s unconstitutional ruling that mature-content video games being sold to minors are the responsibility of game developers.


So Jonathan thinks that the games industry challenging a ruling that forced legal responsibility for retailers not checking ID on them (and brought with it millions of dollars of liability from parents who’s kids buy GTA IV and then crash their 4×4 into next-doors cat) is the same as the gun lobby legally challenging countless attempts to take away armour piercing rounds and automatic assault rifles from the marketplace. Or, for that matter, 1970’2 tobacco executives fighting the health-warnings on cigarette packets even though they know about the ill-affects.

It amuses me that the right wing are the one’s who are now vilifying the games lobby and wrongly accusing them of using tactics that the right wing have used for years through the National Rifle Association. It was even a right wing administration that allowed the tobacco companies to get away with their many years of resistance to legislation (although they did eventually act).

Sometimes there just isn’t a sigh big enough.