Wheelman In Moving Pictures

I must admit, when I got asked to join the writing team here at the TheSixthAxis I dreamed of the possibility that my first post would be a monumental one. Maybe whilst sifting through the usual tripe I’d stumble across the news of the century. Turns out they just needed another biscuit bitch.

Well we are in a fairly quiet period so whilst Vin Diesel in digital form isn’t the bombshell I’d have liked, it is looking surprisingly nifty. CVG have a video of the Vin Diesel game Wheelman showing how certain elements of the gameplay and missions will work.  It seems to be a mixture of Pursuit  Force’s vehicular hopping, Burnout’s traffic dodging and GTA’s gun/car battles. It’s been picked up by Ubisoft who’ve saved it from Midway’s sinking ship, which by the looks of things, is lucky for us.


Vidy McLinky-Dink

Poor Vin’s never really gotten much respect from the movie industry, but judging by his debut collaboration in the shape of The Chronicles of Riddick we should be prepared to be surprised.

Speaking of Riddick, Vin’s other game, the remake and expansion of his debut Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, is getting the demo treatment on Xbox live today. As per usual it will eventually make the jump to PSN whenever it feels like it. Or at the end of the month.

On a personal note I would like to thank TheSixthAxis staff for welcoming me aboard and letting me loose. I hope to continue the fine work these chaps churn out on a daily basis with good grace and a hefty sense of cynicism. Maybe even catch a break or two.

What’s that DJH? Biscuits? Yes, I’ll get on it.

Back to being the bitch then.