PS3 Beats 360 GTA Sales?

Today, Take Two have done some talking, some of it was interesting like their release schedule, but most of it was financial stuff in their first quarter ’09 report.

However out of the financials came the news that sales of GTA IV were approximately split 50/50 across platforms.


Takes Two’s Chief Financial Officer Elaine Goldstein, was asked “can you give us an idea as to this 13 millionGTA 4 units, how many of those are Xbox 360 platform?” she replied “It’s approximately 50/50”

If this is correct I find it quite surprising because (due to the year head-start) there is reportedly 6-8 million more 360’s out in the wild than there are PS3’s. It may be even more surprising as Microsoft famously paid a small fortune for timed exclusive DLC for the title.


Via SeekingAlpha.