Sony “Under Supported” PSP

The PSP was meant to be the savour of handheld gaming: impressive graphics, great media capabilities and some excellent online functionality.  However, whether due to rampant piracy or the silly storage format, the PSP’s third (and first) party support has steadily declined since about a year after launch.  That all changed recently with some killer support from Sony, but PSP owners have been desperate for something, anything to get their teeth in to recently and the cracking trio of God of War, Patapon and Loco Roco don’t suit everyone’s tastes, and titles of such quality are few and far between.

However,in an interview with, UK boss Ray Maquire has admitted that the company made some mistakes.  “It was slightly under-supported, mainly because a lot of the energy was going into stuff we’re doing for PlayStation 3,” he said, “there was an added complication in that the UMD model wasn’t brilliant for third parties, either.  Retailers are looking at it as well, … and they’re also thinking about how we almost reintroduce the PlayStation Portable into the market place, with the confidence that we should have had last year, but didn’t.”


How about that PSP-4000 model, Ray? “My gut feeling though is that people are looking for more snack-type content, and the downloads side of it will increasingly become a bigger part of its future,” he said.  “It’s also something that development can get into at a much, much lower entry cost, and I think we can see this everywhere, whether it be iPhone applications, whether it be mobile phones – there is an appetite for smaller, snack-type games.”  Oh, right you are.

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