Gunman Liked Shooters

*Shock* *Horror* It has taken about 10 minutes for the mainstream media to link the horrific and cowardly acts of Tim Kretschmer, to his liking of video games.

Police in Germany have obviously taken his computer away to look for evidence of a possible motivation (as would be expected with any murder, never mind one on this scale), and it’s now being reported that he spent far more time than normal on what the press are calling “Shoot ’em Ups”.

Who would have thought, mainstream press covering a story involving a loner, a gun and a killing spree would mention video games?

Now we all know excessive gaming spills over into real life, I mean it’s impossible to get to work in the morning without flying through a field of flowers gathering petals, and I get some really strange looks enduring the traffic jam whilst trying to stretch 1,000m so I can report to girl. Personally I always long for a lunch break so I can turn into a stretchy armed Werehog, but my favourite part of the day has to be home time, because I turn the traffic jam in to a stunt run, and I’ve got yesterday’s high score to beat.

Things like this happen to me every single day, and that’s the real reason I love gaming so much.

After all these years of gaming in the mainstream, why is it that the media always report on links between gaming and cowardly mass murderers, whilst forgetting to report on the fact that maybe, just maybe they are deranged homicidal maniacs out there in the real world.

Reporting like this will probably add to calls for a tax to be added to violent games, because as we all know if you have to pay £32.99 instead of £29.99 then the extra £3 means you won’t go on a murdering spree with weapons from your Dad’s arsenal of 15 guns (WTF?).

I’m going to suggest that the link between violent acts and video games, is that gaming is now so damn popular, that everyone does it, both the 99.99% of normal people and the 0.01% of cowardly, weirdo, deranged homicidal maniacs, that would go on a tragic killing spree just because a girl looked at them funny 10 years previously.

I would write more but I’ve got to go and rescue a princess, you coming? It is co-op!


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