Epic Outraged At SCEE Delay

Steve Polge, administrator at the Epic forums has said he is “outraged and disappointed” at the Titan pack no-show on the SCEE Store Update yesterday.

Despite TSA having the majority of the Store update nailed down by 9am yesterday, the one we were most sure about was the free Titan expansion for Unreal Tournament III. I personally picked up the US import of the game so I’m all Titan’d up (and thus apologies for any confusion yesterday in this post) but if you’re the owner of a European copy of the game it looks like you’ll need to wait until at least next week.


“Believe me, we are as outraged and disappointed by this situation as you are. We’re still trying to understand how this happened,” said Polge in the official Epic forums, “this entire fiasco starting with the 3/5 delay has been entirely out of our hands.”  Seemingly no-one at Epic has been kept in the loop with this situation, which is baffling enough, but believe us, Steve, we’re all too used to delays here.

Tip: Kevling