New Katamari Rolls To PS3

Having just picked up a lovely new Viera 1080p TV at the weekend, it’s good to know that Full HD games are still at the forefront of some PS3 developers, even if it’s just the quirky/PSN/2D stuff that’s often running at the highest resolution our beloved consoles can output. Anyway, add another title to the pile marked “1080” because although we missed out on the last Katamari game, Namco are pushing ahead with an all new title dubbed Tribute.

The game, according to this week’s Famitsu magazine, will be exclusive to the PS3, sport a new visual style and will be out later this year, if only in Japan. We don’t yet know if series creator Takahashi is back behind the ball for this one or not, but it can’t be any worse than the terrible 360 version as long as Namco don’t charge us for stuff that’s already on the disk. More as and when we get it, plus some screenshots soon hopefully.


Tip: Andytorr, via GAF.